In community

As I approach retirement I think a lot about the what next. On one level this is ridculous as who knows how long I will be on this earth, but then again those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

As I look around my little town I see a number of things that I'd consider volunteering for in my retirement: - Bibles for Missions Thrift Store - Local Ham Radio Clubs - Our local theatre troop - Groups within our church

Some of these things I'm already involved in, some I've attended events with the group, and others I don't know them at all but it just seems like a good thing to be involved in. My plan is quite simple on this front. For those things I'm involved in already I'll just continue doing what I'm doing expressing a willingness to do more things as my time allows and I approach retirement age. For those things that I'm not involved in yet, I think I'll reach out and see if there is some means that I could volunteer for a specific task and for a specific amount of time.

As I think about this. I'm actually quite looking forward to some of these things like meeting others and contributing to something that valued by others.