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  1. A little stressed

    In a recent episode of the Happiness Lab Podcast Dr. Laurie Santos deals with the human response to stress. I listened to this episode on a day that I had just ran 8km that morning and generally was feeling a sense of general positivity.

    As you already assumed, today has …

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  2. A friend

    I live a split life, in that I have a work persona and then home persona. I've blogged about this before so this might be familiar. That also translates to my friends, in that I have work and personal friends.

    Lately I've spent more and more time with one of …

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  3. In community

    As I approach retirement I think a lot about the what next. On one level this is ridculous as who knows how long I will be on this earth, but then again those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

    As I look around my little town I see a …

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  4. Reading

    A forgotten or maybe better put is an ignored skill I had is that of reading on a regular basis. For years after I completed my masters degree I was loathe to pick up a book. The education process had so changed my reading from being a joy to just …

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  5. Life at 56

    I just turned 56. While there is nothing interesting about being a given age until it allows one to drive, vote, or drink (I am part Scot after all). In the last few months, there is an intense sadness that has come over me from time to time. It's not …

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  6. iOS and Android

    While I don't hate freedom usually, I do appreciate the iPhone for utter reliability of the device. It works. The platform is constraining though with limited choice in the configuration, types of applications, and other general things that us open source folks tend to want to do with our devices …

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  7. Working out of guilt

    As someone who comes from a Protestant faith background, there is a underlying current of the equation of work to faith. The thinking somewhat comes around

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