Learning a little Windows

I have decided to embrace a life where I'm not fussing constantly with home technology, given that's all that I do during my work day, so installed Windows on both the home office computer and my laptop as I just figured it would just work. I do love my Linux but I admit to just being tired of the constant tinkering that one can do with a Linux box. It's fun when you have time and desire - I currently lack both.

On that line, a Windows 11 install is really quite good. Yes there are a number of steps but the installer really doesn't take all that long and all told its an installer not my everyday interface to computer...

After the installing, I found all the things that typically use and then decided if I was going to embrace this Microsoft life I would forward email from my Gmail account to the Outlook.com account that I already have. I logged into OneDrive, setup folder backup, installed Visual Studio Code, Python 3.12, and finally setup Syncthing for a local backup as well.

Again, this all has gone well. Sure updates are different as they take awhile to install and the process isn't very descriptive but it's mindless. Sure I can hear people bleat about the sometimes broken updates that Windows can surface. It should be noted that I've had the same experience with Ubuntu and Fedora Linux so I consider it a wash.

The one thing that really fascinates me is some of the programming options, specifically PowerShell and C#. I'm not the best programmer but I'm trying to challenge myself so I'm slowly picking up C# at work as part of my professional development and similarly using PowerShell from time to time as drop in replacement for bash. The syntax of PowerShell is weird to me but then again I come to it as a novice its expected for it to feel odd.

I plan on really sticking with this for a while...